Yoga - Sailing Retreat

Yoga Törn bei Korfu Segeln Yoga Silhouette einer Frau spiegelt sich auf der Wasserfäche, das ist die Einheit aus Yoga Segeln

One-week inner Yoga journey and Sailing adventure retreat


 Our yoga sailing retreat combines the peacefulness of sunrise and sunset yoga practices (asana, pranayama and meditation),
with the experience of sailing in 
unexplored, calm and authentic spots in the Ionian Sea.
In between, time to relax and enjoy, whether that is hiking, swimming, snorkeling, freediving and/or sailing yourself in the Ionian Islands. 

The retreats offered by Korfu-Segeln are flexible and can be customized to your individual preferences!  
You may enjoy our delicious ayurvedic recipes (local, organic and sustainable) to cleanse and nurture your body and soul, or you may immerse yourself in the local gastronomy and experience the unique Greek hospitality without going down the beaten path of tourists.
You may take part alone, with a friend, family or a group. Attractive discounts are possible when booking the whole yacht (scroll down for details). 

Enjoy our yoga sailing retreat with excellent sailing yachts and catamarans, an exceptional yoga instructor, an experienced skipper with an outstanding price-performance ratio

The following dates are available: April 22th to April 29th and April 29th to May 6th 2023!

Yoga-Sailing: Disconnect, Explore, Relax and Enjoy!

Yoga Sailing Retreat - Silhouette of a woman doing yoga from Korfu-Segeln

Experience freedom and adventure!

We, from, adapt to your own individual preferences, offering you a unique combination of yoga and sailing retreats for you to disconnect, explore, relax and enjoy!

Discover hidden gems

Enjoy island hopping and sailing to the most beautiful and authentic yoga hotspots. Greece’s coast and the hidden gems in the islands of Corfu, Paxos, Antipaxos (and countless smaller islands!) are waiting for you to explore within and without during our 7 day yoga-sailing retreat. 

Yoga Sailing Retreat at Porto-Timoni-Beach-at-the-Yoga-Sailing-trip-from-Korfu-Segeln-yacht-south-beach
Yoga Sailing Retreat with food concept for mindfulness living and vegetarian food

Detox with delicious ayurvedic recipes

What better than nutritious and sustainable? We offer delicious ayurvedic recipes using locally grown (KM-0), organic, fair-trade and green products to cleanse and nurture your body and soul. 

Lend a hand and sail yourself!

Experience sailing by yourself, getting to know the sailing trade better. You can immerse yourself in a different world on water and simply leave cell phones and appointments behind. Under the guidance of the experienced skipper from, learning new moves is a success.

Yoga Sailing Retreat with happy people by the beach

Your Yoga instructor: Ana Giselle Kafie

Yoga Sailing Retreat with Ana G doing hand mudra

Yogini: Ana Giselle Kafie

A curious daughter of “Pachamama”, she became certified as Hatha-Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga instructor, whilst currently specializing in integrating Mindfulness into Positive Psychology and Emotions management.

Ana Giselle started offering guided meditations, asana and breathwork (pranayama) in March 2020, in an effort to counteract the effects of stress, anxiety and depression caused by the imposed lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her sessions, “Gentle awakening” and “Yoga with intention” are designed to guide all-level of practitioners to go within and reconnect to their own loving essence, redefining their relationship with their own bodies and to Mother Earth.

She firmly believes that a conscious and honest Yoga practice lifts the veil of separation and brings forth a healthy, balanced and sustainable way of relating to everything that is.

Her life mantra: “Change starts with oneself… when we raise our vibration, we raise the vibration of those around us.” In other words, if we are happy, we share happiness with others. If we are miserable, we share misery. If we are peaceful, we share peace.

Your Skipper: Mathias Fege

Skipper: Mathias Fege

Mathias grew up on the water. Even as a baby (below with pacifer), Mathias used to sail with his parents on the “Pirate 28” a sailing dinghy on Lake Schwerin in Germany.

From the Baltic Sea across the Atlantic – the path led to the Ionian Sea. He has been sailing privately from Corfu since 2010. The hobby became profession and Korfu-Segeln guided sailing trips has been available since 2018.

Since then tens of thousands nautical miles have been sailed and experience gained, mainly in the seas around Corfu.

With great passion Mathias dedicates his guests maximum fun, adventure, relaxation and safety on his sailing journeys. This dedication is obviously working. Today 5 Skippers work for “Korfu-Segeln” and Mathias is still curious, adventurous and a…


Yoga Sailing Retreat with skipper mathias

Yoga, Island hopping & hidden gems !

Yoga Sailing Retreat with yoga spot porto timoni sunrise

Porto Timoni

Porto Timoni is one of the most beautiful and famous places in Corfu. It is a wild “double” beach that can only be reached by foot or by boat. The hike takes only one hour, which means this place is usually very crowded during daytime. However, thanks to our expertise in the area, we will be able to practice yoga at sunrise and sunset and enjoy this gem just for ourselves!

Yoga Sailing Retreat with yoga spot porto timoni sunrise inside the bay
Yoga Sailing Retreat with yoga spot agios giorgios

Agios Giorgios, Arillas, Erikoussa and Othoni

Right next to the famous spot of Porto Timoni, there are a number of wild and crystal clear beaches, perfect for any yogui and sea lover: Agios Giorgios, Arillas, Mathraki, Othoni, Erikoussa.
We will discover the north, the east, the west and the south of Corfu. One more beautiful than the other, deserted at the right times, these spots can only be reached by boat! 

Magical and secret places

We will sail to the most picturesque, magical and secret beaches of the Archipelago. Exploring the north, towards the famous Cape Drastis, the east, the Corfu-Canal and duzen of bays, the south, Arkoudilas, and the west, Paleokastritsa, Issos Beach and mainland. We will be surrounded by beauty everywhere!

Yoga Sailing Retreat with yoga spot Two Rock Bay
Morgenstimmung in Lakka auf der Insel Paxos

Lakka (Paxos)​

In the very north of the island of Paxos lies the bay of Lakka. In addition to the perfect anchor and bathing conditions, there are several great places for yoga units: the Kanoni, Paralia and Plani beaches or the high plateau at the lighthouse.

Mongonissi (Paxos)

In the very south of the island of Paxos is the bay of Mongonissi, where Pan&Theo run the well-known Mongonissi Beach restaurant. A pier in the bay offers ideal mooring conditions and perfect protection. Mongonissi Bay is surrounded by scenic olive groves, the perfect setting for grounding to mother earth and enjoy nature!

Voutoumi and Vrika (Antipaxos)

The highlight of a sailing trip from Corfu is the island of Antipaxos. Unique is the azure water on the beaches of Vrika and Voutoumi. They provide a unique setting for a sunset yoga session. Then the sandy beach of Vrika, crowded during the day, is deserted at sunset. An excellent anchorage in calm weather is Mesovrika Bay, just across from Voutoumi.

The right sailing yacht for your yoga sailing retreat!

The ship you feel comfortable with.​

Our yoga sailing retreat will be sailed in comfort and safety. The sailing yacht “Butterfly” blends top-level sailing performance with modern relaxing deck spaces.
Butterfly offers fast, efficient and comfortable cruising under sail. Her impressive internal volume allows you to have a comfortable onboard living and accommodation for 10 guests in 5 cabins.
While the interior is bathed in a wonderful amount of light from the large hull portholes, the 2 big air-condition units of this yacht and the generator will make the onboard living ideal for her guests. After a day on the sea, enjoy drinks at the wide cockpit while her huge swimming platform provides quick and easy access to the sea and to her dinghy.


  • L.O.A: 14,60 m
  • Beam: 4,74 m
  • Draft: 2,15 m
  • Sailing Area: 54,3+60,70 m²
  • Engine: 75 HP POD 120
  • Water Capacity: 900 L
  • Fuel Capacity: 400 L

Services and prices for your one-week sailing Yoga Sailing Retreat

You may take part alone, with a friend or a group. Attractive discounts are possible when booking the whole yacht. The following dates are available: April 22th to April 29th and April 29th to May 6th 2023!

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